About James

Arizona-based portrait photographer, educator, speaker, trainer, mentor, and coach James Lewis is hard to capture on a single page. In a word: he's eclectic. He is a Jeep Wrangler guy, yet he recently sold his own Wrangler for a Toyota Prius. He is crazy about tattoos but doesn’t have any. The people who know him best describe him as the most extroverted introvert they’ve ever met. As diverse and eclectic as James is, his interests are unified by his love of people.

As a contemporary portrait photographer, James loves to shoot people (with a camera) and is deeply influenced by artists like Annie Liebovitz, Gregory Heisler, and Joey L. He shoots in a fashion, beauty, and environmental portrait style to show his clients the real beauty they often don’t acknowledge in themselves.

James has studied Music Performance and Counseling Psychology, which formed the foundation of his prior work in higher education. His teaching, training, and coaching is grounded in positive psychology with specific interests in interpersonal process and psychosocial aspects of learning and motivation. James is obnoxiously passionate about teaching, training, mentoring, and coaching people in a manner that empowers them towards greater self-efficacy and success.

James is married to his best friend and collaborator, Sarah. They live in Scottsdale with two amazing teenagers, Cole and Aria.