Recent Testimonials

James and his make up artist were an absolute blast to work with! They are both very talented artists!! The whole experience from beginning to end and the Quality of the photos was beyond remarkable!! James has such a warmth about him that you don’t even feel like you’re getting your photos done. It’s just like hanging out with a great friend and having a good time laughing. I’d recommend him to anyone and everyone in a heartbeat!
— -Deb L.
James is undoubtedly an extremely talented photographer- he captures me the way I see myself but can’t seem to get with my own camera. He makes me feel beautiful. His end product makes me feel like I should be in a magazine! But what’s more than that is how he relates to people- with a genuine sense of care. He has this amazing ability to pull people’s beauty out and shine for the camera snd the rest of the world to see!
— Sarah N.
I’ve shot with many a photographer in my time. But James blew them all right out of the water! If his sheer talent and ability doesn’t absolutely baffle you then his charisma and charm most certainly will! He took the time to not only get to know each of us, but bring out our character in our head shots AND connect with all of us. He made even the most trepidatious of us completely comfortable and even crack a smile and let out a laugh! But personality aside, which lets be honest is huge when working in a professional environment, his eye is unbeatable! He is truly talented beyond words and I plan on working with him ANY chance I get!
— Alex T.
I had the opportunity to work under James as a mentee where he prodvided 1:1 lessons focusing on the creative process from natural light portraits to editing. I have been to other workshops and I can say that James really stands out with his enthusiasm about his craft and his eagerness to want to teach. He was exceptionally patient and knew how to provoke thought and discussion through teaching and photography. This was hands down one of the best experiences as he provided me some amazing tools to continue to use in my Photography. James worked really well with the model and sought feedback from her on how I interacted. That feedback was valuable along with the feedback he provided about the shoot. I couldn’t have been more happy to enter this role with James as he made me feel very comfortable and took time to understand my needs, my growth curve, and unlock my creativity. Cannot wait for more coaching!
— Brett B.
I had the incredible opportunity to be a part of a photoshoot [and] James was our photographer. I was blown away by how great and personable he was. We were not an easy group to deal with, he totally just went with us and had such a great sense of humor about it. Working with the James Was such a blast but the best part was how incredible the photos turned out . He is by far the most talented photographer I have ever worked with. The photos he was able to capture of us were incredible. He made me look and feel like a movie star. I would highly recommend him for any kind of Photograohy. he has a unique edge and eye that is rare. He’s an artist and truly gifted.
— Natalie G.
If you ever get the privilege and honor of working with JLP, rest assure you’re in good hands. He is so much FUN and exhibits a high level of integrity and professionalism, which leaves you with a sense of comfort and ease. His attention to detail and lighting is extraordinary and he has a gift of capturing one’s true beauty and essence in such a unique and creative way!!!
— Melissa M.