Video: Behind the Scenes at JLP (with Melissa)

I would guess it's hard to imagine what a JLP photoshoot looks and feels like. I called a good friend (and JLP photography student) Brett and asked if he'd mind coming to assist and take a few videos for social media. This is what he came up with. BRILLIANT! He captured how much fun we all have.

As a portrait artist I model my images after what we see in contemporary fashion and style magazines. Because of this, and the image results, many people believe I shoot established or aspiring models and actors.

I've had quite a few conversations with friends and clients the past few weeks which have been very eye-opening. While chatting with close family and friends, I've heard the comment "I'm not as attractive and cool as the people you photograph... I could never work with you." This comment brought me close to tears.

Fact: models and actors represent less than 3% of my clients. My clients are soccer moms, church pastors, nurses, lawyers, high school teachers... I love finding the light and look that makes a person shine.

Since it's beginning, JLP has operated with the idea that anybody and everybody deserves a high-end, professional portrait that can easily be found in your favorite magazine. We operate on a model that cherishes quality images (compared to quantity of images) that truly show how beautiful they are.

Showing clients how truly amazing they are is the best part of what we do.