MEME Contest Results


Last week's MEME contest was a blast. Between all the shares on Facebook, the judging committee (of friends, family, and fellow photographers) had a ton to read and choose from. The MEME's were typed up into a long list without the poster's names. I don't think I've ever had such a hard time making a decision. It was tough for all of us; but we did it. The winner of this contest will be receiving a JLP photoshoot voucher ($350). The Honorable mentions will receive JLP consolation prizes as well. I have to take a moment and thank Cassy Nienow; what a great sport! She not only allowed me to post this awkward outtake, she also put up with all the crazy memes about her. Please take a moment and check her out on Facebook and Instagram. You can also see some of our previous collaborations in Black Canyon City and in the studio in previous blogs.

And now... what you've been waiting for:

Honorable Mentions


This image was a favorite amongst the entire committee and was looking like it was the winner but sadly, it was disqualified from the competition. Once we realized this post belonged to the woman I sleep with every night, I had the unfortunate duty of telling my fiancé she's not allowed to win. Sorry Sarah. For those of us that know Cassy... this is PERFECT.

Thank you Sarah N.

IMG_1193There was a strong Disney theme throughout the week so there's no surprise a couple would make it into our top 10 list. For your information, Cassy is not a natural redhead either.

Thank you Sara B.


Cassy's hair also inspired quite a few Smurf references. Hopefully this MEME will serve as a public service announcement: Please stop sending Candy Crush requests!

Thank you Brian G.


This pretty much sums up the mood regarding the current election. Are you kidding!?

Thank you Cal H.


This was my personal favorite for obvious reasons. Sarah is a cake genius (check out her Instagram). She's done some pretty interesting custom cakes the past few weeks. This one hit home.

Thank you A.J. H.

The Winner


To be honest, any of these six could have been winners. We all loved them, but when we had to choose just ONE, this is what we finally arrived at.

Congratulations Sara B.

Thank you to the JLP tribe for submitting your creative MEME's. (There were around 100 to choose from!) Most of my days are spent photographing and editing fashion inspired portraits of men, woman, couples and families, so taking a break from the routine was a blast. I can't tell you how much I appreciate all your support. Please like or share this post and comment below.