5 Minute Photoshoot: Lauren


It's always nice to take portraits of other Arizona photographers, but this particular one is special. She is a young Gilbert based photographer who I've know since she was in diapers. I've created portraits of her and her family for over two decades and have been there for many of these milestone moments.


Last week Lauren invited me to her 16th birthday party;  I brought a camera, lens, and a reflector. We snuck away from family and friends for no more than 5 minutes to grab a few headshots. It's always hard for a portrait photographer to get in front of the lens, but Lauren was a pro.


For her 16th birthday, Lauren would not accept gifts from her family and friends; instead she asked everyone to donate to a GoFundMe project in support of a local animal shelter. As we worry about our future during this crazy campaign season, amazing young people like Lauren give me nothing but hope for the future.