ASU vs Weber State Images: An Instructor's View


As a thank you for the work done with ASU athletes, the ASU Football program recently invited me to "guest coach" during the season opener against Weber St. While the gesture is incredibly flattering, the actual experience is beyond description. While many of us have been a fan for years, this experience guarantees we'll remain a life long fan and advocate of student-athletes. As I've mentioned before, working within this culture is exciting.

I'd like to thank the following student-centered educators for being part of this amazing experience (see iPhone images below). Simply put, they're amazing!

From a photography perspective, I was less than prepared; I didn't have appropriate gear to shoot sports/action. I was left with my iPhone and Fuji X-E1 with a single prime lens, the 56mm f1.2 lens. It was a clumsy kit for an event like this and I can't count how many times the slow auto-focus caused me to miss a great moment. That being said, the Fuji X-E1's image quality is great and the camera and lens did a nice job when I was able to capture focus.

I get to meet a lot of people an Arizona portrait photographer. I'm blessed to be able to bring the camera to my ASU family.